Saturday, January 18, 2014

River View's Three Club Challenge Invitational!

      OK, so it's actually three clubs and a putter. It has to be a putter. Sorry, I don't believe you always putt with a 1 iron. So pick which three clubs you will only be able to play the course with on Saturday, February 1, put them into a golf bag and add... 1 putter, I think we've all got it now.
      This tournament is open to guests. If they have a handicap. they are welcome to compete in this event. If they have no handicap, they can play to a zero and compete in the skins and closest to the pins. Or... They can play along for the fun.
       Our last tournament's speed of play was great. We all appreciate the efforts taken to keep up with the group ahead. This tournament will require the same amount of effort since you won't have that exact club you need to make that next bad shot. So remember... Ready golf makes it better for everyone.

If you want to enter just let me know as soon as you can so I can get extra times while they're still available.


Brad.      A picture's worth...

Sunday, January 12, 2014

River View's Rumble @ The Riverbed Two Man Best Ball Invitational Results...

It was just another beautiful day for golf here in Southern California. We had a strong field of players with some great scores, and some that were almost great, and some that were... Well, lets get to the results.

A Flight winners, by scorecard playoff, with a score of 61... Jay Miller & Michael Frazier.
    Both Jay and Michael are our newest members. Congratulations guys!
Second place with a score of 61... Tom Sullivan & Brad York.
Third place with a score of 63, by scorecard playoff... Dave Kronberger & Dan Parrott.

B Flight winners... Russ Godoy & Augie Godoy with a score of 57. What a father/son team!
Second place with a score of 58... Les Horvath & Mits Okayama. Imagine if they were healthy.
Third place with a score of 60... Dave Walton & Nazar Al Jamie. A 13... Really Dave?

Closest to the pins went to... #2- Tony Catizone. #9 & 14- Russ Godoy. Nice job dad! #18- Tom Sullivan.

Skins...Les Horvath, Don Zalewski (2), lendro Valencia, Joe Berber, Dave Kronberger, Mits Okayama, Gil Garcia.

Putt For The Dough results... Dan Parrott, Tony Mercado, and Lendro Valencia all gave it their best, but their best drifted to the left a bit more that they thought it would. There were no three putts. $54.00 carry over.

It's time to start thinking about what three clubs you'll need next month, February 1, for the River View Three Club Challenge. You only get to have three clubs and one putter in your bag. I can hear the wheels spinning.  Sad note... The best round I ever shot at the view was this tournament in 1978. Clubs... 3 wood, 7 iron and sand wedge. Just thought you'd like to know... I was younger then.

See you next month.