Sunday, March 30, 2014

Denny Skraba Memorial Tournament Results

A Flight 1st low net: Jay Miller & Mike Frasier with a score of 59.
             2nd low net: Brad York & Tom Sullivan with a 60.
             3rd low net: Tony Mercado & Joe Berber with a 61.

B Flight 1st low net: Jeffrey Martinez & Lendro Valencia with a score of 61*
            2nd low net: Dave Walton & Tony Catizone with a 61*.
            3rd low net: Jim Cvitanovitch & Phil Blakesley with a 62.
* = Scorecard playoff.

Closest To The Pins... # 2, 9, 14... Jay Miller. #18... Tom Sullivan.

Skins... Kevin Savala & Brett Porter... (3). Jay Miller & Mike Frasier, Phil Blakesley & Jim Cvitanovitch, Jeffrey Martinez & Lendro Valencia.

Putt For Dough... Won By Ernie Anzures.

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