Sunday, March 30, 2014

Results For... You Against The Riv... Match Play.

This was fun, but a bit of work to calculate post tournament. I've had several requests to do it again later. We'll see.

A Flight 1st place: Tony Mercado closed out his opponent, the course, in a record establishing...
            HOLE 12 !!!

            2nd place: Brad York won on hole 18 *.
            3rd place:  Jay Miller won on hole 18*.

B Flight 1st place: Bob Smothermon won on hole 13.
             2nd place: Mits Okayama won on hole 14.
             3rd place: Augie Godoy tied on hole 18.

C Flight 1st place: Nazar AlJamie won on hole 14 *.
             2nd place: Phil Blakesley won on hole 14 *.
             3rd. place: Mike Frasier won on hole 17.

*= Scorecard playoff.

CTP: #2- Augie Godoy 7' 10". #9- Jay Miller 9'8". #14- Les Horvath- 14' 10",
         #18- Mike Avalos 17'2".

Skins: Bob Smothermon, Jay Miller, Augie Godoy, Jake Oh.

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